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What our users have told us…

"Music Librarian displays information in a concise form which allows me to see my potential performance selections instantly. No scrolling back and forth through pages of irrelevant data like other products."


"We have given all our music hosts a copy of Music Librarian and our database to use on their home computers and laptops. They build their programs at home. Music Librarian does not have a per seat charge, so we pay nothing extra for this."


"We started to convert to Music Master, but changed our minds after comparing the speed and ease of use of Music Librarian."


"We spent 6 years converting to Music Master and now we’re going back to Music Librarian. You can’t beat it for Classical Programming."


Music Librarian

The ONLY music library management and scheduling software designed specifically for classical music. 

No other product ever comes close to the speed, efficiency and ease of use of Music Librarian. 

This is IT.

  • It is the MOST widely used program for classical  music in the world
  • Fully catalogues compact discs and corresponding digital audio files
  • Categorize pieces into multiple groupings based upon audience research, personal tastes and management policies.           
  • Create playlists using the Quick Search feature.
  • The best in Sound Exchange Reporting
  • Uses our exclusive Autoload database.
  • Monthly Updates
  • Minimal Training Needed   
  • Requires little computer disk space
  • Stores History for up to 5 years
  • Unexcelled support   
  • This will save you more time than any system you have right now
  • You can have this up and running in one day
  • This software gives you unprecedented freedom and peace of mind
  • You won’t have to spend a lot of time on training the staff- IT’S EASY
  •  Will most likely work on your current computer


Autoload For Music Librarian

Full database containing extensive metadata for more than 57,000 of the most popular classical compact discs.

If you have a classical CD library chances are thousands of your CD’s are already in this database and can be almost instantly imported into the MUSIC LIBRARIAN.

  • Autoload is one of the largest commercial classical database available.
  • Can load as many as 200+ CD’s an hour
  • Constantly being updated
  • Current Master File contains all of the names and codes of the
    • Composers
    • Orchestras
    • Conductors
    • Soloists
  • You get titles, descriptions, and attributes of over 115,000 compositions plus the master resource file for over 428,000 performances on more than 57,000 compact disks.
  • With this database-the average library can be entered in less than 10 hours
  • This database can literally save you as much as 5 YEARS in loading CD’s to your database
  • The classical music data for each CD is ALREADY INPUT FOR YOU
  • Immediately lowers your expenses of hours of data entry
  • Organization at your finger tips in less than  one days work
  • You save time and money


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