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Who are we?

Broadcast Data has been around since 1987.  We were the first to develop music cataloguing and scheduling software for classical music radio stations.  Today, this is still a very important part of our product mix.  In 1992, we introduced Traffic C.O.P. 2 for DOS.

Our first experience with Windows dates back to 1993 when we began developing a Windows version of our Music Librarian.  The experience we gained was invaluable in developing further Windows products.  The first release of the Traffic C.O.P. for Windows was in 1996.  Since then, we have enhanced and improved the product.  And now, the Traffic C.O.P. for Windows is one of the most robust traffic systems on the market today.

We are in touch with our clients’ needs and we base our continued enhancements at the voice of those clients.  We listen, we learn, you grow.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to gaining your business.




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